The appointment of the soul", Wang Nan is online. She is so excited, she hasn't known his respect for the past year. So she boldly proposed a video contact. For a long time, for a long time, Wang Nan took a copy. Difficult to describe the melancholy, issued a sentence "Agree for a while, a man's face appeared on the computer screen. "The covenant of the soul" looked toward him, a little surprised and confused. The man's broad shoulders, plump face, and the lines of the corners of his mouth are staggeringly beautiful. Under the eyebrows, a pair of glare and colorful eyes with a vicissitudes of pure and beautiful eyes have a seductive momentum Cigarettes For Sale. It looks like a heroic and handsome person. When she and he met on the Internet for a moment, a panic and shy excitement took her heart. She fell in love with this romantic little man, Wang Nan dreamed of not dreaming, she was very beautiful on the computer screen. He stared at her for a long time. Suddenly he turned around and opened his own window Cigarettes Online, and the villages in the distance were faintly visible outside. There were countless stars like lights, hidden in the long night. For a long time, he sat down and sent a "Fate" to Beethoven. "The Covenant of the Mind" listened to this beautiful music alone Newport 100S, and the heart flew into the distance with the string. She looked at Wang Nan on the screen, full of a thrilling induction, and was shrouded in a fascinating atmosphere. I don't know how long it took. She sent a message to Wang Nan: "Maybe we started from online romance and will end up in reality. Wang Nan can't wait to send out: "We will never end, no matter how the cold snow will immerse us. But youth and love will always be excited. 520 (I love your soul's covenant) is deeply touched by his words in the sound of music Marlboro Lights. The blood of the whole body rushes from the foot to the head, in a wonderfully exhilarating beauty. Seems to see the beauty and sorrow of his life. In a short while, she sent out her own inner monologue: "ILOeYOU. After I finished my graduation thesis next month, we will come to a real contact with a word," Wang Nan also issued a heartfelt desire for the soul. The real name is Lin Ru, a fourth-grade student at a university in Beijing. She is a girl with too many dreams, almost illusory and not practical. She often falls into an empty meditation. Now she is stuck in a kind of In the "Fog Valley". Lost herself, in order to win the heart of Wang Nan, she vowed that she must change herself and become a public figure from an inconspicuous character Cheap Cigarettes. So she organized a beauty contest in school, she said frankly "Women are to show their youth and beauty." She is also involved in charity activities, she donated all her scholarships to Hope Primary School. So she was selected as a student union by the school. On behalf of the school, she participated in the Miss Image Competition held by the TV station and won the championship. Her photos were published in a newspaper and magazine, and became a well-known figure. In a short period of time, she became a champion. Celebrity. At the school graduation ceremony, she was the only student representative who assigned a speech. Her speech was noticed by everyone. She advocated that women should show themselves in today's society. Develop their individuality and reveal their talents. The field can be divided equally with men. Finally, the school decided to send her to study in the UK. She succeeded. But the successful woman is more eager for love, and she should reply to Wang Nanyi. This night she sent an email to Wang Nan,
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